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It also has a growing list of features and the constant support.

Back up to external drives, NAS devices, network shares, and the cloud. Recover or migrate the complete system or just a select files and folders.

Now Available: Active ransomware protection is included in Acronis True 2017 Premium Subscription.

Implied by: aurora dash, bearified, birdified, breeziefied, bunnified, catified, changelingified, clarity, cowbelle, cowified, diamond dogified, dogified, draconequified, dragonified, griffonized, leech dash, meltavia, nuttershy, oc:gyro feather, octaviapus, raricow, rarimouse, seaponified, seapony bon bon, sirendash, sirenified, spiderlestia, spidershy, spike the pufferfish, tatzljack, timber pony, timberjack, twilight breezie, twiworm, zebrafied Detailed description: Also tag the species that the character is swapped to, such as changeling, dragon, zebra, spider, etc.

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