Borders liquidating

By the end of December 2010, Borders employed more than an estimated 1150 across the UK stores which went into administration before the end of 2010. Borders Group formerly operated stores in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.However, these were sold off to Pacific Equity Partners (which owned rival Angus & Robertson) in 2008, then were later sold again to REDgroup Retail.John Barnes, an El Cajon school teacher, can mark milestones with beloved books and book stores.Working in a library as a kid, and in a bookstore while getting through college.I like to hold books, look at them, turn the pages.“I’m going to be the last person (on earth) to get an e-book,” said Barnes, smiling wryly.

This tactic is often cheaper than hiring a company to move everything to another location or buyer.After filing for bankruptcy, closing roughly one-third of its bookstores, and failing to find a buyer, Borders announced yesterday that it plans to liquidate its remaining stores.How exactly is Borders going to get rid of all its stuff?Edwards has Oregon ties and once oversaw the operations of Portland-based retailers Ellington Leather and Lucy.Borders liquidation could have far-reaching effects, putting thousands of people out of work at a time of high unemployment, particularly in Michigan where Borders is based.