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"He said, 'Well, maybe they saw one of your movies! Just as he was about to step in front of the bright lights, he got nervous and darted off!Both the show host and the actor tried to woo the 4-year-old back onto the stage, but he wasn't having it, and instead chose to run into his mom's arms.You were right.” John said that was news to him as well.“That was amazing, that part I did not know when we were filming, that he had actually said that.Next to the painting is a bit of an artist statement from Mellencamp: [Its] not so much a portrait as a feeling, isnt it?

I just respectfully..."Ellen quickly figures out that it's Ella's mom who is in charge of the dating scene. " the daytime talk show host asks Kelly."I know everything," Kelly responds."Well mothers always do," John jokes. As we've previously reported, the actress/singer announced in May that she postponed her tour after it was discovered breast cancer had metastasized to her sacrum (located in the lower back).Related: Olivia's Daughter Quits Instagram Amid Mom's Cancer Battle On Tuesday, her good friend and Grease costar John Travolta released a statement on her diagnosis.OJ Simpson: American Crime Story,” revealed he may contribute to Ryan Murphy’s next series focusing on Hurricane Katrina.Travolta used his own plane to help bring supplies to the area after the hurricane hit.