Dating black in corporate america

You assumed that all that was required of you was to work hard and get the job done.

I am that Strong Black Person who stands on the backs of my ancestor's achievements, with an erect spine pointing to the stars with pride, dignity, and respect which lets the work place in America know, that I not only possess the ability to play by the rules, but I can make them as well.

[RELATED: Study: Women Of Color Punished More For Hiring To Increase Diversity] Alicia Boler-Davis, General Motors’ senior vice president, Global Connected Customer Experience and corporate officer, is responsible for providing customers with the best service and experience, playing a critical role in the expansion of sales for one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers—202,786 units in January alone. From product and service development to talent management—and much more—these corporate mavens all drive revenues, profits, and innovation at some of the nation’s largest publicly traded companies.

Collectively, in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and financial services to telecommunications and retail, these executives represent a transformative force in global business.

In the book, Kantor reveals details about the First Lady's negative interactions with her husband's most senior advisers and attempts to label her as someone dictating US policy through the President.

Obama is simply supporting her husband (which is what a good wife is supposed to do), acting as a confidante and serving as a voice of outside reason to the President.As for seats on corporate boards, there are only 43 black female corporate directors on the boards of the largest 250 companies of the S&P 500, as shown in our special report on corporate governance in the July/August 2014 issue.Despite this wide gap within the executive suite, the 50 women we identified are among a select group of corporate leaders who continue to shatter the perpetual glass ceiling.So, to ease your pain as you endure your corporate years, here are twelve things you must know to survive being black in corporate America. Being deferential does not increase your likability in Corporate America.It just feeds the perception that you lack the knowledge and stomach for the job.