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What do we know about the culture and other writings of those who wrote the Scriptures?Can we find external, cultural clues and references that may have been known by the Biblical authors and/or their audience?Our understanding of Ha Shem can only be achieved by the intellectual investigation of the genius and balance of His creation.Every detail, every remarkable insight and fact is necessary in our attempt to know (Daat) and connect with Ha Shem.In this study I would like to examine the body of man. Indeed, one of several meanings of the Hebrew word adam (man) is I resemble.For man is a microcosm of creationin the words of the Talmud, As the soul fills the body, so Ha Shem fills the universe.The following day Netanyahu met with Kerry and proposed a series of significant gestures to the Palestinians in the West Bank, including permits for massive construction by Palestinians in Area C, the area of the West Bank under Israeli military and civilian control.Netanyahu asked that in exchange the USA recognize that Israel could build in the large Jewish settlement blocs in the West Bank but did not make clear whether this meant construction outside the blocs would cease.

Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown." - Genesis 6:4 (NASB) after the Flood. While that may be the mainstream, dominant view, I am going to present another viewpoint here for your consideration.If Chinese philosophy may be said to have begun around 2000 B. E., then it represents the longest continuous heritage of philosophical reflection.Trying to mention each philosopher or every significant thinker is not possible.There are questions Chinese thinkers do not ask or do not approach in the same way as Western philosophers, so gaining an appreciation for why Chinese philosophy has sometimes followed a different path from that taken in the West is itself instructive.This overview is designed to pique the interest of readers, encouraging them to pursue the ways in which Chinese thinkers have made significant contributions to topics of interest in world philosophy.